The Cost of Dental Insurance: Are You Paying More for Less?

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Are you wondering how much you should pay for dental insurance? Then you might need to know how dental insurance works. A dental insurance can be advantageous when it comes to routine exams and cleanings. A common insurance policy covers 100 percent of the regular diagnostic and preventative care services. It also covers 80 percent of the basic procedures such as root canals and fillings. Procedures like bridges and crowns are usually covered 50 percent.

An average dental policy costs 380 dollars per year but if you’re looking to cover more than the basic procedures it could go to about 1,500 dollars per year.

Varieties of Dental Insurance Plans

An HMO, also called Health Maintenance Organization has limited coverage as it is barred to dental professionals within certain networks.

A PPO is the most popular choice for a dental insurance plan. A PPO allows patients to seek dental services outside the ‘preferred’ network however, patients with PPO dental plans are encouraged to see in-network dentists for reduced prices.

An Indemnity plan usually provides a wider selection of dentists but plan holders may be required to pay up front for the services and then get reimbursed by the service provider.

Check out our infographic below and find out more about the dental coverage types and the limitations & exclusions you should be aware of.


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