Affordable, Comfortable Dental Fillings

Feel Better Today: Affordable, Comfortable Dental

Dental fillings are used to help restore teeth that are damaged or have cavities due to decay. When the procedure is done correctly, patients have full functionality returned to the tooth and don’t have to suffer through the pain and sensitivity of having a damaged tooth, or multiple damaged teeth.

Here at Glendale Dental Group, our talented dentists provide top-quality care at an affordable price. If you are feeling the pain from a cavity or damaged tooth, we can see you right away.

Walk-Ins Always Welcome

You don’t have to suffer through the pain while trying to find a dentist who can help you on short notice. Walk-Ins are always welcome at Glendale Dental Group. We are open extended hours during the week and on the weekends.

How Does a Dental Filling Work?

The purpose of a filling is to bring a patient’s tooth back to the original function and shape. This can be done using a number of materials. For instance, if the filling will be on the front of a visible front tooth, a composite resin is recommended because it can be color matched. We also find that composite resin fillings are great for molars, because they can be formed to look just like natural teeth.

The first thing that usually happens when patients get a filling is a numbing of the area the dentist will work on. Before a patient’s tooth gets a dental filling put in place, decay will be removed from the area and it will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the filling is put in place.

Dental Filling
Dental Filling by Glendale Dental Group

Painless and Worry Free

When you visit Glendale Dental Group, the process of getting your dental filling will be painless and anxiety-free. Our dentists put a high priority on patient comfort, especially if the thought of visiting a dentist gives you a certain amount of anxiety. Our main priority is making sure your mouth is health and pain free.