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Emergency Dental Services in Phoenix 7 Days a Week

Dental emergencies require immediate attention and the Glendale Dental Group is here to make sure you get the treatment you need to ease the pain.
We have a full staff of experienced emergency dentists in Phoenix ready to handle any issue. . You can rest assured that a highly-skilled and experienced emergency dentist Phoenix residents like you can trust will attend to your emergency as soon as possible. Aside from offering a complete range of dental services, we have extended hours Monday through Friday.

We Offer Walk-Ins and Same-Day Extractions

You don’t have to make an appointment when a dental emergency strikes. The Glendale Dental Group happily accepts walk-in patients any day of the week! So whatever emergency dental Phoenix services you need, just walk into our office and we’ll give you our attention right away.
We know that seeing an emergency dentist in Phoenix can come with a fair amount of anxiety. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our team of talented dentists and professionals believe in providing compassionate, quality care at an affordable price.
Your well-being and self-confidence is our number one priority. We use the latest technology and advancements in treatment to leave you feeling better.

Dental Emergency First Aid

Ideally, when you or a loved one suffers a dental emergency, you should come to our practice immediately so we can provide the emergency dental care Phoenix residents like you deserve. However, it could take some time for you to get to our office, so you will need to perform first aid while on the way. Here are some dental emergencies and what you can do before reaching our practice.
Toothaches—The most common dental emergency is a toothache. When the pain becomes too much to handle, you have to go to the dentist, but while you’re still on your way there, rinse your mouth with warm water to give you some measure of relief for the pain.
Chipped and broken teeth—The enamel in our teeth is incredibly strong, but biting into a particularly hard or crunchy bit of food can crack or break our teeth. The same is true if your mouth has absorbed a blow during an accident or while you’re in the field playing sports. If you can still find the broken-off part of the tooth, pick it up and take it with you because dentists can put it back in place. You should also rinse your mouth and the broken piece with warm water.
Knocked-out tooth—A tooth that has been cleanly knocked-out, root and all, during an accident can still be put back in place as long as it’s done within an hour of the accident. Just make sure that you pick up the tooth by the crown and not the root, and keep it moist by dropping it into a glass of milk or simply keeping it inside your mouth en route to the dentist.
Abscess—An abscess is a dental emergency that you should take to a dentist right away because it is a condition that could progress into something worse over time. The only thing you can really do is keep the affected area clean by rinsing with a light saltwater solution.

The Clear Dental Advantage

Our emergency dentists have more than four decades of experience serving the Phoenix area. Get top quality care and treatment today with no appointment necessary. Need financing? We can help you with that too.
Even if you don’t have an emergency, we provide exquisite dental care for the entire family. From regular check-ups to deep tissue cleaning, fillings and more, we are here to serve your dental needs.

Free Dental Exam for New Patients!

Our new patients will receive a free dental exam during their first visit. We want to develop a long-lasting and anxiety free relationship with all of our patients. The Glendale Dental Group has offered the highest quality in care at a price our patients can afford.
When you need to see an emergency dentist in Phoenix, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 623-939-6549. We are dedicated to ensuring you feel your best quickly. You don’t have to live with pain.