Emergency Tooth Extractions

When a toothache strikes, immediate care and expert attention are crucial. At Glendale Dental Group, we understand the urgency and discomfort that can accompany a dental emergency. Our professional dental team is dedicated to providing affordable emergency dentistry services for your dental needs seven days a week.

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Signs That You Need Emergency Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is one of the most common dental emergencies that involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. It is performed by an emergency dentist or oral surgeon using local anesthesia to numb the area. After extraction, the dentist provides instructions for post-tooth removal care to promote proper healing.

What started as a toothache can quickly turn into a tooth infection when left untreated. Below are instances wherein an emergency tooth extraction is necessary:

Severe Tooth Decay: This happens when a tooth is extensively decayed or infected, and other treatment options are not viable. In this case, an urgent dental extraction may be necessary to prevent further complications and alleviate tooth pain.

Advanced Gum Disease: This can cause significant damage to the tooth’s supporting structures, leading to tooth instability. In some cases, extraction may be the best solution to eliminate infection and protect the surrounding teeth and gums.

Tooth Trauma or Injury: Accidents or injuries can result in fractured, dislodged, or broken teeth. Emergency tooth extraction may be necessary if the tooth is severely damaged and cannot be restored through other means.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: When wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to fully emerge or grow in the correct position, they can cause pain, infection, and damage to neighboring teeth. In such cases, emergency treatments like tooth pulling may be recommended to prevent further complications.

When you experience a dental emergency, get to our dental office as soon as possible for the urgent care you need. A dental issue such as an emergency tooth pulling would require immediate attention to relieve dental discomfort. Give us a call or book an appointment for the best emergency tooth extraction in Arizona.

What to Expect During an Emergency Tooth Extraction

You can expect the following when you contact Glendale Dental Group for an emergency tooth extraction in the Phoenix area:

Comprehensive Examination: Our dental professionals will conduct a thorough examination, including digital X-rays if necessary, to assess the condition of the affected tooth and surrounding tissues.

Anesthesia and Sedation: We offer various anesthesia options to ensure comfort during the procedure. Our Phoenix dental team will discuss the most suitable option based on your needs and preferences for a healthy smile.

Extraction Procedure: The Glendale dentist or oral surgeon will carefully remove the affected tooth, ensuring minimal trauma to the surrounding structures. They will provide post-extraction instructions to promote healing and prevent complications.

Post-Extraction Care: Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions for smooth recovery. We may prescribe pain medications or recommend over-the-counter options to manage discomfort during healing.

Why Choose Us for Emergency Tooth Extractions in Arizona

At Glendale Dental Group, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and overall dental health. Here are some reasons why patients trust our impressive variety of dental work, like emergency tooth extractions:

Experienced and Caring Team

Our highly trained dentists and oral surgeons have extensive experience performing emergency tooth extractions. They are skilled in handling complex cases and ensuring efficient and precise procedures.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our advanced technology ensures accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment outcomes, while our modern, comfortable facilities create a relaxing environment for your emergency dental visit.

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Prompt and Responsive Care

We provide seven-day-a-week dental services to address urgent concerns, including severe pain, infections, and dental trauma, prioritizing oral health.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

Our dental professionals assess your tooth’s condition, exploring all treatment options for preservation. If extraction is necessary, we perform it with precision and minimal discomfort.

Patient-Centered Approach

We prioritize your needs and preferences, actively involve you in decision-making, address concerns, and provide personalized, stress-free treatment.

Contact Glendale Dental Group for Expert Dental Care Services

If you are experiencing severe dental pain, or require emergency dental care, don’t hesitate to contact Glendale Dental Group for prompt and professional care. Our skilled and friendly staff is dedicated to providing effective 24-hour emergency dental services in Arizona. For new patients, we offer free dental exams during the first visit!

Call our office at 623-939-6549 to schedule an appointment for emergency dental extractions in Arizona.