Teeth Whitening In Glendale, AZ

You could have healthy gums and a perfect set of teeth with no cavities whatsoever, and still be unhappy about your teeth because they are not white enough. They may even look stained and discolored. Why aren’t your teeth as white as you’d like?

Causes of teeth discoloration

Brushing, flossing, and gargling mouthwash help keep your mouth and teeth clean, but the food you eat and the beverages you drink affect your teeth in more ways than one. Your teeth will likely stain if you regularly consume any of the following:

  • tea
  • deeply-colored sauces like tomato, soy, and curry
  • sports drinks
  • red wine
  • fruits and berries
  • carbonated drinks like sodas and colas
  • candy
  • coffee
  • beets

It’s even worse if you’re a smoker because the nicotine and tar in tobacco give your naturally white teeth a yellowish tint. You can also blame tooth discoloration on the aging process.

Thankfully, modern technology has given us teeth whitening, which allows us to get rid of those stains or discolorations on your teeth to help you get that sparkling smile you’ve always wanted. Visit us at Glendale Dental Group, and we will show you what we can do to bring your sparkling white smile back.

Our teeth whitening services in Glendale, AZ

At Glendale Dental Group, we offer a wide array of teeth whitening options, and we will walk you through every single one of them to help you come to the best decision for yourself. We will even help you choose the shade that you think will suit you best. However, the degree of whiteness we’ll be going for will depend on the type of teeth whitening process you choose, and will vary from patient to patient.

To make sure you are a prime candidate for teeth whitening, we will conduct a careful examination of your teeth. Once we determine that you are suitable for the procedure, we will perform a professional dental cleaning not only to get rid of any surface staining, but to boost the effectiveness of the treatment as well.

Maintaining your whitened teeth

Keep in mind, however, that while our teeth whitening procedures are very effective and our satisfaction rate among patients high, the results of teeth whitening are not permanent. Depending on your personal habits, teeth whitening results may last for a year or two. In any case, if you want to keep your pearly whites that way, we can help through our teeth whitening maintenance service.

The impact of teeth whitening, even by just a few shades lighter, is often dramatic. If you have taken to covering your mouth with your hand every time you smile, laugh or even talk because of stained or discolored teeth, you can say goodbye to that once you have undergone teeth whitening.

Three decades of service

Glendale Dental Groups has been serving Arizona since 1987, with a compassionate team of doctors, dental hygienists and dental assistants dedicated to helping you regain confidence to show the world how stunning your set of vibrant white teeth is. Call us today at 623-939-6549 to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals.